Copywright /╦łkɒpırʌıt'/ n. One who is skilled in the production and repair of text written for publication.

Professional Correction and Improvement of English

About CopyWright

CopyWright was formed in 1996, when our founder, Bob Williams, decided that rather than just laugh (or cry) at the elementary mistakes made on so many websites, even those of major corporations, he would do something about it.

He realised that even people who spoke good English needed a quick and easy way to check their copy, and that people who were not native English speakers, and who were often unaware of their mistakes, had even greater need.

Since then, CopyWright has grown by offering its clients a simple, inexpensive way to avoid embarrassment and earn the respect of their customers.   In response to client's requests CopyWright expanded into bespoke copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and preparing and posting content for social media, blogs and printed publications.

Whether it's a simple letter, a brochure or a corporate website, CopyWright has the skills, the experience, and the resources to provide a cost-effective solution for anyone who needs to communicate effectively in English.

CopyWright employs only native English speakers with graduate level qualifications and experience in preparing copy for publication.  You can be sure that our copy is clear, concise and correct.

CopyWright is proud of our quality of service and customer satisfaction. We aim to always deliver more than we promised and provide our clients with value for money.  For that reason, we are always available to discuss how we can meet our client's needs.