Copywright /ˈkɒpırʌıt'/ n. One who is skilled in the production and repair of text written for publication.

Professional Correction and Improvement of English

We offer our clients three levels of service;

Basic Technical – Checking for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Checking that vocabulary is correct, optimal and appropriate.

Improvement and Polishing - Includes Basic Technical (as above) plus full check of syntax and semantics of both structure and content.  Improving style (wordiness/prolixity, lack of clarity, awkward or incomplete sentences, sentence and paragraph structure etc.) tone and voice. This may involve making significant changes to your copy. Localisation (UK, USA, International/Standard English) and Audience Targeting and Focussing by demographic, culture, class or income.   Optional incorporation of appropriate Search Engine Optimisation keywords and phrases.

Full Rewrite – Includes Improvement and Polishing (as above) plus complete rewrite in the style chosen by you. CopyWright can generate outstanding copy for almost any purpose.

Please contact us to discuss your project.