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Disclaimer! Please be aware that this is a Beta test version and rough around the edges.  The sound and both the graphic design and images are crude.  Anyone with an artistic talent is very welcome to participate in improving it but alas, there's no money - only glory!

Welcome to the Yi Jing

The Yi Jing (also known as the Book of Changes or I Ching) is an ancient Chinese text, dating back to at least the 4th century BCE*.  It has been used as an oracle and as a guide for living, for over 2,500 years.  The Yi Jing is still in use today.

The Yi Jing embodies the fundamental elements of Chinese philosophy, and is an integral and indispensable part of traditional Chinese intellectual and spiritual life. The Yi Jing exemplifies the Chinese view that the world is a dynamic process, where opposing forces constantly interact, ideally to achieve a harmonious balance. The Yi Jing explores and provides a guide to these processes i.e. Changes.

The Yi Jing would be consulted whenever any major decision had to be made, or any crucial change could be forseen.

While it can be used for simple divination, it can also be used as a subtle tool to explore the opposing and complementary influences involved in the changes that life brings.

Most importantly, the Yi Jing helps us to understand that most mysterious, fascinating and essential of subjects, our own inner self.  It is our reactions to the text and the images invoked, the thoughts and feelings they provoke, that provides insight into our conscious and unconscious minds. The Yi Jing is a sort of universal ink-blot test, in that what we see when we read the oracle tells us much about who we are. Armed with this knowledge, we can better make the difficult choices that confront us every day.

The Control-G Yi Jing presents an easily accessible route to this ancient wisdom by automating the ritual of 'casting' the Yi Jing (using the '3 coins' method) and by providing both the text and the imagery. It also includes a modern psychological interpretation of the somewhat esoteric text.  See About the Yi Jing.

New! Alternatively, try our How to Consult the Yi Jing - the movie

The Control-G Yi Jing also lets you look up the texts and save your questions and answers for later review.  (Your questions and answers remain strictly private.)

If you are already familiar with the Yi Jing, or just very impatient, then jump right in with Consult the Yi Jing

We hope you enjoy using the Control-G Yi Jing and find it as useful and interesting as we do.

If you have any questions, queries or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave your feedback in our visitors book.  Contact us About the Control-G Yi Jing

* N.B. Some think the origin can be traced to pre-1200BC. See History of the Yi Jing