Copywright /╦łkɒpırʌıt'/ n. One who is skilled in the production and repair of text written for publication.

Professional Quality Correction and Improvement of English

English is an international language for business, education, science and industry.  Good English is essential for success in the global marketplace.   Clear and correct English inspires confidence in you and in your products or services.  Persuasive English leads to sales.

Poor English may cause doubts about your competence in other areas.  It may even be unintentionally funny.  Awkward or unusual phrasing may cause confusion or uncertainty.

Nothing is more discouraging to your customers than the suspicion that you may not be able to understand their needs.  Slapdash or careless English make a very poor impression and customers may draw unwanted conclusions about your company.

However, English is not an easy language to get completely right.  Even native speakers can easily make basic mistakes.  Choosing the right words can be difficult.  See our Bad English blog for some examples.

Now there is an easy, quick and cost-effective way to check, correct and improve your English copy.  CopyWright can correct and polish your copy in ways that no spelling and grammar checker can.  See our CopyWright Services page for details.

CopyWright employs only native English speakers with graduate level qualifications and experience in preparing copy for publication, so you can have confidence in our services.