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Welcome to Control-G

Thank you for visiting our website...

Please be aware that the site is currently undergoing redesign and re-engineering.

Please bear with us while this happens. We will be back, hopefully better than ever, very soon.

If you would like to know more about Control-G.

In the meantime, here are links to some of our productions.


Yi Jing - Wisdom From An Ancient Chinese Oracle1

"An automated version of the Book of Changes (AKA I Ching) makes it easy to consult the enigmatic oracle that has fascinated scholars and seekers for millennia, or just tell your fortune!"

Shakespearean Insults Generator

"Lost For A Suitably Cutting insult? Let The Bard Help!"

Hastings - Birthplace Of The Modern World1

"A half whimsical, half poetic, short presentation in the Pecha Kucha* format proving Hastings's central role in creating the world we live in today."

* 20 images and 20 seconds to talk about each image.

SarkyKuntz - Animated gifs To Let People Know Exactly What You Think Of Their FakeBook™ Post

"For when words just aren't enough, A Picture Can Be Worth A Thousand Words"

The Scientific Tourist Blog

"Science and Travel For The Inquiring Mind"

Plain Tales From The Weald - A Personal Blog

"Satire, Observations, And Thoughts From The Olympian Vantage Point Of The Beautiful Sussex Weald"

CopyWright - Professional English Copy For Your Business

"English is the international language for business, education, science and industry. Good English is essential for success in the global marketplace."

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